Who Am I

Dave Faliskie | Software Developer | Starter

I have launched a few projects, and started many more. I'm often asked by people who are interested in programming, how I learned this skill and where they should begin.

So I decided while starting my most recent mobile app project that I'd document the process. If you're interested in building a mobile app, then follow along.


The purpose of the 1 Man Startup is to spread the idea that anything can be Started by one person.

The only thing you need to get started is a desire to build something. I'll show you my process and point you in the direction of things I've found beneficial over the years.

Without starting you'll get nowhere.

The Cost

Nothing is free.

Anything truly great will cost you something, and building a business is a truly great thing. This venture will be paid with your time. At the end of the day time is the only real currency.

How have you been spending the only currency you come to this earth with?

What Are You Waiting For

You've been talking about your idea long enough, now it's time to get started

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